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Project Description

At Bahria, we adhere to design innovation and develop venues that reflect our customers’ most current ideals and expectations. A large park area, a market, and squares surround us. Almost every one of our apartments is on a corner and has a stunning sight. All Legion items are created on the “Comfort and Safety” idea, founded on the concept of complex architectural and planning, engineering, and organizational solutions for the development of artefacts that are fundamentally different from ordinary market objects.
  • Corner plots: Geographically, it is the Center of CBD, and plots have three open side views which add up the value
  • Parking Area
  • Security Guards
  • Advanced Security System
  • Automatic lobby doors
  • Lush Lobby with Plantation and indoor Fountain
  • Imported Glossy tiles with VIP waiting area for guests
  • Smart Entry Cards for Guests
  • Smart Lifts
  • Emergency System

 Plot :654, Street: Circulation, Phase VIII Central Business District, Bahria Town, Islamabad, 44000